Lets Chat Life, Love and Faith in Christ!


With reality TV shows, drama magazines and over glamorization of cheating partners and lost hopes of lasting relationships, The Tate’s saw it fit to share how, with God, marriage can be rewarding, fun and lasting!

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We cant wait to chat with you soon!

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10 thoughts on “Lets Chat Life, Love and Faith in Christ!

  1. HI and it is wonderful to hear of you and your spouse surviving these every trial to trumph. I’m newly considering marriage with my companion but there are is a language barrier for he is spanish and I’m american. He speaks a little more english than I do spanish hes also younger than me but is more responsible and mature in ways others I’ve dated my age. We need help and the right counseling as we love one another very much. Can you help us.


    1. Thank you so much for checking in with us. I encourage you to tune in to our weekly videos where we will be sharing tips, testimonies and answering questions about relationships and marriage and I pray that all that we share can plant a seed of hope and encouragement within your marriage. We begin airing on May 11th so please check in with your subscription. Please feel free to contact us and we can pray with and for you as you and your fiancé strive to become married.
      God bless you sis I look forward to chatting with you soon


  2. Marriage is powerful!!! The vows prove the unstoppable rhythm of an ordinary man and an ordinary woman acquiring the promises of loves unfailing power. Be blessed you are blessings.


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